About Us:

Antelope Tours was established in 2015, it was established by a young vibrant and ambitious individual (Mr O Motau) both Director & Founder. We have a team that is also ambitious that stands confident and rock solid behind our values, beliefs and services. Our team is highly trained in their field of work. We work as a team with great commitment and a never ending smile in our faces. As a company we grab every challenge & opportunity. Professionalism is the name of the game.

Travel through the Amazing


Greater Tourism

What We Do:

√Private Tours
√ Group Tours
√ Safaris & Adventure Tours
√ Hotel & Accommodation Bookings
√ Flight Bookings
√ Visa Application
√ MSC Cruise Ship Bookings
Our travels includes SADC namely Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana etc… and other International destinations such as Dubai, Turkey, Mumbai to name the few. For local travel is Sun City, Durban, Cape Town, Kruger National Park etc. We also do MSC Cruise Ship Bookings. We are affiliated as travel agent.
Our Vision
Allowing our target market to experience incredible traveling and tourism experience which not only focus solely on travel leisure but contributing to economic growth through job creation, community empowerment and taking part in being a major contributor to sustainability tourism and growth, thus making us a first preference for travel destinations choice.
Our Mission
Leveraging our standing as organization of choice cementing our standing in the local and global travel and tourism arena.
Our Objectives
Provide and promote unique travel experience and establish Africa as a leading destination amongst international markets, inspire people to travel, explore and experience destination that we provide.

Why Us?

We make all the process easy

All Around the World Tours

Private & Customized Tours

Immigration & Passport Help

Follow an Adventure

Anything you Like

Fine Dining

Exoitic Dining Menu

Water Sports

For Premium Packages

Caravan Trips

For 4 Wheelers & Two Wheelers

Cruise Transports

For Entire Community

Beach Activity

Day & Night Activities

Camping Activity

Comes with Personal Trainers

Private Hotels

With Extra Pools

Honeymoon Packs

Love after Marriage

Adventure Activity

In Premium Plans

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081 781 5812
Toll Free & 24/7 Available
1201 Block HH, Soshanguve, Pretoria, 0152, South Africa
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